Monday, June 8, 2009

Orange Beach!

I just got back from Orange Beach, Albama where I spent a week with Daniel and his family. We had a great time! I was so blessed by all of the conversations and time we got to spend together! Rachel and I shared a room and every night we laughed for so long before we went to bed. Daniel and I had an amazing time together, we played in the ocean, read books, laughed so much! We found a sand bar out in the ocean and while we were walking on it saw a family of sting rays! I'm used to Myrtle Beach (no offense to any MB fans, but it's pretty trashy) so this was an awesome time. The Lord also was teaching me this week about serving people and how important it is. I found that when I took the time in the morning to listen He really gave me everything I needed to love the people around me. As Christians it's so important to spend time with the Lord everyday, I think it's such an awesome idea to think that He wants to bless us! Daniel's Uncle Billy also has a boat that we took out a lot, this was my definitely my favorite part of the trip. We would put our towels on the front of the boat and lay out while we drove around on the ocean. We made some stops on the boat too, where we'd dock the boat and go eat! My favorite time was when we stopped at Lulu's, which is Jimmy Buffet's sister's restaurant. We also saw the movie UP!, if you haven't seen it stop reading this right now and go see it. It's the best movie I've seen in along time, pure and simple fun. Here's some pictures from this past week!

This is a picture of the sunset from the restaurant at the Marina!

These are all of Daniel's cousins plus me and his sister! From left to right, Joann, Colter, Rachel (Daniel's sister), Daniel and Audra!
Daniel and I reading by the ocean! I re-read the 5th Harry Potter for the 13th time, that's not a joke.
Daniel and I at dress up night, he's such a cutie!

I saved the best one for last! Not only did I get to go to the beach, but I got to see Earth, Wind & Fire.. and Chicago! Hahahaha! Oh yeah! :)