Thursday, May 21, 2009

First blog!

Hey everyone! I decided that since I am far away from everyone this summer, I'd start a blog so you all could keep up with what I'm doing! Things have been crazy so far. I've already gone to the beach with two of my best friends, turned 21, went to the beach again with more people I love, and seen Coldplay in concert in the front row! I'm a little nervous to be living outside of Radford away from my friends and family, but the people in Greensboro have been SO welcoming and I can feel the Lord's hand moving in everything. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be for now, but I still miss everyone. I want Cra to come visit me soon so we can watch the American President! I still have so much ahead of me this summer, but here's some pictures of the events that have already occurred.


  1. Hey Kat, Iam so excited that you are blogging! I love your haircut...see you in Rwanda soon! Love ya! Sharon

  2. I Love You to my beautiful daughter. Miss you but so happy that you have these wonderful experiences and people in your life.

  3. What are you doing there!? We have so much to catch up on! you are adorable and I love your hair!