Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me, Beth and Nicole at the beach! Daniel and I drove down to meet our friends at the beach in Morehead City. It was a beautiful place and we got to stay in the neatest beach house. We basically ate a lot of chick fil-a. It was freezing for most of the weekend, most of us felt like we would never be warm again but we still mustered up the courage to jump into the ocean, a few of us even went sailing. I did not partake in that adventure; however, daniel, beth and I did pick them up later with cups of hot tea!

This is one of my favorite pictures Daniel and I have ever taken together, I'm a lucky to girl have such a handsome man!
Daniel and I dancing on the beach, our wonderful photographer Beth staged this one.

Daniel doing yoga by the ocean! Hahaha! He does have good form though.

The view from the porch steps, how gorgeous. The Lord really blessed us with this trip working out. Thanks Lord! :) Overall such a great few days! Daniel and I drove to Coldplay from the beach, where we had FRONT row tickets. I am not joking! There were not any other people in front of us, I could have reached up and touched Chris Martin if I wanted. Coldplay was such an amazing experience for me, I really feel like God worked it out so I could be there. It was His way of saying, I know things have been real hard this past Spring but I love you. And I felt His love the entire time. It was almost surreal, Daniel and I look at each other still a few days after and say, "We saw Coldplay, in the FRONT row!". Words can't even describe it accurately. I don't have any pictures because our tickets said we weren't allowed to bring cameras in. That's okay though, I'm thankful I didn't have a camera or all of my time would've been preoccupied with taking pictures and not watching the show. During the epic song "Fix You", Daniel and I were even on the big projection screens, it was unreal. After the show I stayed with my best friend Jaymee, who I love, and she drove me to the train station in the morning, where I rode an Amtrak train from 9:30 in the a.m until 7:30 p.m! I know, it was crazy.

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  1. First off- FRONT ROW Coldplay!?!? SO not fair! Don't tell Alan. He'll die of jealousy. =)
    Secondly- Your beach trip looks like so much fun!!
    Thirdly- I love you for always and am glad you have a blog!!