Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay, I lied about the pictures. Daniel had taken a few on his phone and he emailed me this one. Yes, that is really Chris Martin and yes, this photo was taken on Daniel's cell phone. It is simply unreal that we were that close. I've been in Caribou Coffee all day working on school work, I'm in three online classes. I always thought that online classes would be easier than regular ones.. not these. My work load is crazy, I'm always posting on the discussion board or mailing in art projects. Congrats to Alan and Sarah on the new baby boy! :)

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  1. That is WAY too crazy that he's that close!!! Ya'll are so lucky!! You GO with all your online classes- that's impressive. I like Caribou Coffee. I think coffee shops are the best places to study. I'd bribe myself. I'd say "Memorize this stuff and I'll let you have a lemon bar." Thankfully, I didn't memorize too much or I would have gotten fat. ;-) Thanks for the congrats! I love you!